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Shoot’ to play?

Posted by Jamie Hibbard at 2:14 pm on Tuesday July 14, 2009

We got quite excited last week when this Porsche Cayman shooting brake appeared on TopGear.com US, because we’re big fans of two-door estates. We assumed this was just an after-market tuner job, though, but maybe we were wrong…

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Need For Speed: teaser

Posted by Jamie Hibbard at 1:07 pm on Monday July 6, 2009

We love game console car action here at Top Gear, and this year is building up to be a fine vintage. We’ve already brought you the GT5 vs Forza 3 battle, and now a new player joins the game – Need For Speed: SHIFT…

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Forza: now with added Le Mans

Posted by Sam Philip at 11:40 am on Thursday June 18, 2009

Just in case that Forza vs Gran Turismo 5 fight we started last week had cooled off a bit, here’s another bit of information to stoke the flames right back up.

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Forza 3 trailer

Posted by Sam Philip at 8:37 am on Thursday June 11, 2009

There’s been a bit of a scrap occurin’ on the Gran Turismo 5 trailer blog. A scrap, specifically, about whether GT5 or Forza is the finer racing game. The old Playstation vs X-Box debate:

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Gran Turismo 5 trailer

Posted by Jamie Hibbard at 9:39 am on Wednesday June 3, 2009

Finally we get a proper look at the much-anticipated Gran Turismo 5, and frankly we can’t wait to have a go. We were all acting like we weren’t bothered about GT5 before we watched this, but now we’ve seen it we don’t care about cool anymore – we want to get our hands on this:

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